monitoring-pojazdu The satellite vehicle monitoring system GPSNR1 offered by Impel Monitoring provides 24-hour supervision over vehicles. Vehicle monitoring allows, for instance, summoning the assistance in case of threat to the driver and locating the vehicle in case it has been stolen. The Client is also provided with access to information about defined technical parameters of the vehicle.

Vehicle safety

  • 24h Alarm Receiving Centre monitors the location of the vehicle and responds to alarm signals.
  • In case of an alarm, ARC employees notify the owner and check whether the alarm is justified. If necessary, actions to locate the vehicle are undertaken. An Intervention Group is sent to the site and the police are notified of the incident.
  • We offer transmitters which might be installed both individually by the user or professionally by an assembler. If the vehicle monitoring transmitter is installed by the user, it may be moved between the vehicles, which allows the Client to protect multiple vehicles if necessary.

Vehicle parameter control

  • registration of defined parameters of the vehicle’s operation (engine revolution per minute, fuel consumption, refuelling, speed) – depending on the type of the car and the selected protection option.
  • allows registration of time and place of the vehicle’s operation, as well as constant supervision over the defined emergency parameters (speeding, etc.)
  • the service allows the fuel level to be recorded in comparison with the route taken, providing precise information on the fuel to be used further in the journey.
  • we provide advanced on-line software free of charge, which allows individual GPS monitoring and the vehicle parameter control.

Benefits for the Clients

  • contract concluded for an indefinite period of time with the fixed price guarantee
  • high-quality self-powered GPS transmitters
  • additional discount on the motor own damage insurance, even up to 50%
  • the Intervention Group responding to emergency situations upon the Client’s request

Contact details

Further information available at the e-mail address  or by telephone +48 800 190 911