Alarm systems (IDS – Intrusion Detection Systems)

  • Alarm systems with a wide range of motion detectors, circuit monitoring, technical signal processing (pressure, temperature, water (flooding), gas, etc.)

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring

  • Traditional CCTV systems based on digital recorders, digital IP cameras (allows for secure remote control and monitoring of systems from anywhere in the world)

Access control systems

  • Pedestrian traffic barriers (tripods, gates)
  • Implementation ofAccess control solutions based on proximity cards, long-range identification systems (UHF RFID), biometrics, etc.
  • Automatic barriers with plate recognition systems
  • Notification systems (delivery, vehicle queuing)

Dedicated industry solutions

  • Management of logistics support services (Yard Management Systems)
  • Automated product quality control (e.g. humidity level, weight, volume, etc.).
  • Construction of complex systems that integrate multiple supervisory installations (technical, production and alarm signals monitoring in a single coherent management, monitoring and coordination system) – the so-called Crisis Management Alarm Centres
  • Automated reception (key deposits, guest self-service systems)

Supervision of goods transport (locks and GPS monitoring)