Cash handling is a highly specialised service consisting in the protection and processing of funds. The performed activities are based on the formal and legal requirements, banking procedures and proven internal standards. The service may be rendered thanks to the advanced technical equipment and dedicated, modern computer tools.

Benefits resulting from the cooperation with Impel with regard to cash handling include:

  • safety of process related to cash handling
  • up-to-date knowledge on cash operations

Cash processing is a logistic process which consists of counting, sorting, storing and managing cash, as well as preparing reports and summaries of the completed processes

Cash in transit - collecting cash/ valuable shipments and depositing them in the location indicated by the Client (external cash processing facility, bank facility, night depository). The collection service is rendered in accordance with agreed terms and deadlines. The convoy’s responsibility is to secure the transported property from theft, loss or destruction and delivering it intact to its destination, in accordance with the agreed schedule and procedure.

ATM - ensuring the continuity of operation of maintenance-free payment devices (ATMs, cash deposit machines), which consists in replacing and replenishing cash in ATMs, handling cash deposit machines, as well as handling the withheld payment cards