Manned Guarding of persons and property

It means a number of actions performed by the security guards in order to prevent unauthorised access and damage (seizure, destruction) to the property or persons (threat to life or health) staying at such property. We actively cooperate with the police and other security services in order to provide safety and order.

Benefits resulting from the cooperation with Impel with regard to physical security include:

  • minimizing the risk of unauthorised access, theft, damage to property, etc.
  • reducing losses
  • enhancing the sense of safety at the protected premises

SAFETY PLUS – an individually configurable security service provided in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the performed security operations. Based on a detailed safety audit, some of the security guards’ duties are performed by technological systems.

MASS EVENT PROTECTION – providing the participants with safety and comfort during various mass sports, artistic or entertainment events by undertaking security actions performed by the security guards (stewards, information services, event safety personnel), with the use of technical support.

VIP PERSONAL SECURITY – providing the protected person with safety regardless of their location and situation. The service comprises the prevention of attempted crime or offences against the protected person, as well as undertaking necessary actions in order to protect the Client’s life and health.

TRAVEL SECURITY – business trip security service which reduces the possibility of danger. The package covers preparations for the trip (plan/ logistics of the trip) and ensuring safety during the trip and at the destination (including the incident monitoring). The service is rendered by qualified employees with experience in special forces.

RECEPTION SERVICES – professional reception desk/ secretary’s office services, including the management of correspondence, phone calls, keys and substitutions (in case of a sick leave). The service is rendered by qualified employees, trained in relation to their duties.

AIRPORT SECURITY – passenger security check point services with the use of technical (gates, large-scale scanners) or manual methods of identification and/or detection of prohibited articles. The safety check covers the documents to be carried on board 
and the luggage.

SUFO(Specialist Armed Defense Formation)- security of the facilities whose protection is mandatory and which are particularly important for the national defence. The service is rendered by a selected group of approved employees who hold a firearms licence.

FIRE PROTECTION – services supplementary to the physical security activities. We use our own fire brigade teams, equipped with professional extinguishing equipment.